Astro-Intuituve Readings

What is an Astrological Intuitive Reading?

  Readings consist of astrological configuration mixed with clairvoyance, to sense and facilitate bridging the gap with the clients higher self. Julia studies the clients astrological chart and then facilitates a conversation based on her findings. Her sweet and gentle disposition, invites an openness in clients that encourages them to trust their own knowing intuition, resulting in a valuable experience that resonates to their deepest needs. She has gained a catalogue of techniques, knowledge and awareness to facilitate her intuition.   


"I was highly skeptical when my colleauge referred me to Julia.  I am not the type of person to believe in psychics! I can honestly say that Julia has changed my life. Based off my place, date & time of birth, she was able to share poingnent information about who I am, how I interact with others and many facets of my life. Her guidance and honesty has help me in my relationships and at work." -Kelly, from Silicon Valley 

"Julia helped me through a very difficult time with my family. I now have tools to deal with them in a more compassionate and empathetic manner." - Paul, from Seattle

Now accepting bookings for skype, private and group readings.

Testimonials continued..

"WOW! I'm honestly amazed! She told me things that nobody else in this world knew. I highly recommend her readings." Andrew, from San Francisco 

"In all the readings I've had over the years, I've never had one so profound, succinct, thorough and downright mind-blowing as the one with Julia Free. She went very in-depth about issues that were holding me back, and things I need to currently work on to get to the future I want. She's very specific and detailed, and it was like she knew me from the inside out. She's honest and forthright, and I can assure you that she'd never guide you wrong or say something just to have something to say (I love that he can see through the "crap" to get to the truth). In addition, she has the loveliest, most grounded energy! I look forward to having more time with her over the years!" -Joan, from Enumclaw, WA